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Active Communications has completed the installation and commissioning of its soil moisture monitoring system at Hennings Vineyard.

Data from the system is collated and displayed via a secure web site which allows the grower to look at the data on either a PC, Tablet or smartphone device.

Importantly the system builds historical information that allows for calculation of water applied versus availability at depth.

Growers can then use this information to adjust the litres per vine deployed, to achieve maximum effect while eliminating the expense and impact of over application.

The Active Communications Soil Moisture System consists of:

  • 3 Sensors per Node.
  • Deployed at .5 m, .75m and 1metre depth.
  • Nodes progressively spaced.
  • IoT connects via home WiFi.
  • Each node reports every 30 Minutes.
  • Continuous picture of water tension at each depth.

The Active Communications system consists of nodes, each of which has three sensors set at different depths to measure and monitor the effectiveness of irrigation or rainfall across the root stratum.

Sensors are set at .5m, .75m and 1m depths.

The nodes are spaced in line progressively following the fall of the land.

At the head end a LoRaWAN gateway connects the system to the Things Network via the home WiFi network.

Each node reports at 30 minute intervals providing a continuous picture of the water tension at each of the depths.

Active Communications System can be used in many agricultural applications where water sensitivity and critical water management need to be applied.

We have developed a range of LoRa based, Internet of Things (IoT), solutions. We can deploy these solutions designed to provide information to agriculture to enable rapid decision making or real time control of systems providing for the best yield and maximum returns for farmers.

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