Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Your company handles many different means of communication. Internally as well as with customers and suppliers. Email, chat, voice, fax, sms, video conference, etc.

Unifying your communication makes your communication more efficient, more professional and more engaging. More customer focused. More “people-centric”.

What is Unified Communications?

Everything in one place

Email, attachments, chat, mobile phone, fixed line, conferencing room, sms. It’s hard to keep track of all the means you use to communicate with your colleagues and customers.

With Unified Communications, you can manage them all in one place, for example on your desktop or laptop. By removing the boundaries between all these means of communication, Unified Communications makes communication “people-centric”, instead of technology dependent.

Anywhere, anytime

Working from home, at a customer, back at your desk? With Unified Communications you can always reach your colleagues and customers and they can reach you the way you want.

If someone calls your desk phone, you can pick it up on your mobile. And if you’re not available, it automatically forwards to a colleague or voice mail. You’ll see missed calls and voice mails in a central place, like your mailbox.

Enrich communication

With Unified Communications you can easily setup a teleconference with a customer, right from your desktop. Need to involve someone else? Just invite your colleague to the call with a few clicks. With similar ease you share documents like PowerPoint presentations or add high resolution video via a webcam.

By enriching the way you communicate, Unified Communications can reduce the need to travel. Active Communications helps you to fully benefit from the possibilities Unified Communications provide.

Active Communications through its partners can provide you with a solution tailored to your business needs. We can work with your existing voice infrastructure to bring together a true “unified communications” solution.

Call Express

Call Express (CX-E) is ideally suited to ease the transition into the digital future – no matter what your UC landscape is today, or how it will look in the future. Premise or cloud, it all starts with CX-E interoperability with all major PBX and email platforms, instant messaging, calendar, mobile devices, and enterprise databases. CX-E’s interoperability unifies your communications at a  level of interoperability that is one of a kind. Make the most of UC investments and transition to the Cloud, IP and Skype for Business.


CX-H is an easy-to-deploy hospitality and messaging solution designed for small to medium-size businesses to cost-effectively manage voice communications, improve guest experience and hotel staff productivity. Built on a proven Linux platform, CX-H delivers feature-rich applications including call processing, personal call control, voicemail, automated attendant, unified messaging, mobility, fax and other communications features critical to the hospitality industry. CX-H delivers the right solution that best fits your SMB needs.

Skype for Business

Microsoft Skype for Business has been adopted world-wide, by companies large and small. As a Microsoft Silver Communications partner Active Communications can design, implement and support your Skype for Business (SFB) system. However we go a step beyond, adding the capabilities of our messaging platforms such as Call Express (CX-E) and we can deliver a richer user experience. Our CX-E offers the capability of enhanced messaging and messages storage to meet regulatory requirements.

Support Service

With our increasing reliance on technology, our communications environment encompasses not only the devices you supply but increasingly your user’s personal devices. Integrations, compatibility and at times, simply making sense of all of this can be fraught.
To help you work through all this, Active communications provides service auditing, system design and system support services that enable you to use our expertise to deliver to your users and meet their requirements in a confident manner.

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