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About Us

An Expert in The Internet of Things (IoT) and Unified Communications

It’s the mission of Active Communications to introduce companies, the agriculture sector and animal husbandry to the business changing possibilities of this exciting new technology.

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The Internet of Things holds the promise of providing communication of information from machines and to machines. This means that functions that previously required human intervention can now be automated.

IoT will not only change the way information is disseminated it will enable humans to review and analyse more data, to make decisions that are fine grained because of the richer amount of data available.

Our focus for IoT is in the Agriculture sector. We believe that food production and water efficiency are vital to the future, our systems are designed to deliver information that allows for cost reductions, while improving yields.

Unified Communications

Your company handles many different means of communication. Internally as well as with customers and suppliers. Email, chat, voice, fax, sms, teleconference, etc.

Unifying your communication makes your communication more efficient, more professional and more engaging. More customer focused. More “people-centric”.

Active Communications optimizes your Unified Communications strategy.

Specialised Support

Unified Communications is not something you should dive into unprepared. It has the potential to significantly change the way you communicate internally and with suppliers and customers. A good preparation helps optimize the benefits from those changes.

Active Communications helps you to gather the necessary information before you get started.

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Active Communications is a distributor and software developer with a strong focus on solutions that make the communications between organisations, employee’s suppliers and customers easier.

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