About Active Communications


Utilising IoT to meet both environmental & cost driven goals

Active Communications is a specialist organisation providing the IoT and Systems Integration and support services for Unified Communications. Our focus for IoT is in the Agriculture sector, as our systems are designed to deliver information that allows for cost reductions, while improving yields. IoT systems will enable the review of consumption on an hourly, daily weekly monthly basis, whereas today’s information is essentially quarterly.
We are the people behind many large organisations providing specialised support distribution. Our services include design, integration and maintenance of Unified Communications Systems.
Our UC Solutions make the communications between organisations, employee’s suppliers and customers easier.

With 20+ years of experience, Active Communications are the Expert in The Internet of Things (IoT) and Unified Communications.

In addition to Unified Communications we also provide specialist solutions to agriculture and animal husbandry by delivering solutions to help farmers manage water, locate personnel and track stock location and movement history.

Our Vision

Effective Communication is at the heart of human endevour. Since its inception, Active Communications has been delivering world class unified communications solutions that enable users to communicate over multiple mediums using the most effective device.

Whether users want to use voice, video or text communication, whether they use a smartphone, tablet, P.C. or Laptop, our systems ensure that this communication is effective in terms of quality of experience and reduction of communication costs.

Having successfully delivered in the field of unified communications we have now set our sights on providing solutions and services that provide an Internet of Things capability. We have chosen agriculture as our target for IoT solutions because we believe this will enable a better world where growers and farmers can deliver crops and raise livestock of better quality at a lower cost.

Why we exist

Building on our success in Unified Communications we have developed a range of LoRa based, Internet of Things (IoT), solutions. We can deploy these solutions designed to provide information to agriculture to enable rapid decision making or real time control of systems providing for the best yield and maximum returns for farmers.

Our focus for IoT is in the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry sector. We believe that food production and water efficiency are vital to the future, so our systems are designed to deliver information for cost reductions, while improving yields. Our system not only has a number of developed applications for agriculture, we can also develop custom solutions to address your needs.

Active Communications develop systems to aid each sector to achieve success while operating in an international context. With branches in Australia and Hong Kong. Contact us today for a free demo or any other enquiries.

Offering Specialist Solutions To Agriculture and Animal Husbandry