Viticulture or the production of premium grapes for winemaking requires intensive monitoring of climatic conditions as well as the application of human interventions that bring forward the best possible fruit, at the ultimate time. Often growers need to manage the final phases of ripening, so as to meet the requirements of the winemaker in terms of delivery of premium fruit at a time when the winemaking process requires the delivery.
Introducing the Internet of Things for Viticulture. Here at Active Communications we offer IoT for soil moisture measurement, vineyard water management and so much more to produce premium product at the best possible cost.

viticulture grapes

Communication System

Active Communications has developed a soil moisture monitoring system based on the LoRA communication system. LoRA allows us transmit the information to a base station over large distances measured in tens of kilometres. Our system uses multiple sensors at different depths of the root stratum. By using multiple sensors, located at different depths, growers can control irrigation so as to not exceed the active root zone, and thereby save water. The key to effective management of water is to get the most data possible, this requires an effective design that delivers results but is at a cost point where growers can deploy them throughout the vineyard to build a map of the water take up overlayed on the topography.

Information delivered by the sensors is transmitted to a cloud based application that is secure, private and graphically driven. Growers can then use their personal devices to access the information and review a series of tables and graphical information that keeps them informed in real time as to the effectiveness of their irrigation.

Data Graph

  • Cold Year
  • Hot Year
  • Average Year